An Appeal to the Guardian

  1. Its a sure success to for the students if there is a regular school guardian connection, therefore guardians are expected to keep regular connection with the school through phone calls.
  2. In case of rainfall, fog and other unusual circumstances guardians are requested to father advance information regarding the school timing through the given phone number.
  3. Students are not allowed to use, scooter motor cycle, moped, car , etc as a conveyance to come to school. The above mentioned conveyance will be confiscated if the students are found violating the rules. The conveyance shall be released only after realizing a fine of rupees five hundred.
  4. Guardians are requested to render full assistance to the school authority to create a sense of respect for labour, health and equality in the students.
  5. Some students have been detected to take gutakha, betel-nut etc. from the above point of view students should get minimum pocket money and they should be taken care of as to the expenditure. It is father advised, that the guardian also should not possibly take these things at home, so that the student need not have to suffer the consequence.
  6. Educational philosophy does not recommend a plethora of tuitions parents should take care of the students studies at home and spare some of their valuable time to look after the students activities and inspire them to fill in good habits in them. If the school is the center of formal education home is the center of informal education.
  7. The guardians should not permit their wards to wander outside aimlessly and be cautious about their associates, because a bad company may damage his / her career.
  8. Guardian should take care of the quotidian, a student must follow such as punctuality, household responsibility serving the elders to keep his / her body and clothes and keep the surroundings clean.
  9. Students must get some time to do physical exercise and play game to develop their physique. Some guardians consider games as wastage of time but its a wrong notion.
  10. Some guardians discuss negatively about teachers and their teaching and thus undermine the faith of the students. Such guardians are requested to discuss any fault regarding teachers or the school directly with the authority concerned and thus let the students develop their respect to the teachers and guardian as well.
  11. Guardians are requested to check the student diary and sign it regularly to mark the daily assignments and their progress.
  12. It is often found that the guardians do not inspire their words to attend the cultural programme and co-curricular activities which is a part of perfect education. Such performances are done to develop the students personality confidence expressing skills and leadership ability etc. please be careful as to your words attendance in such school ability. Our students have much ability and energy. If we don’t direct them towards creative ideas it will be spent negatively.
  13. Its a matter of great regret that T.V. imports the outdoor evils to home. Very few are the T. V. programme which display education and philosophy of life. So guardians should let their wards watch selected programs.
  14. We draw the guardians attention towards the fact that they send their wards to school in proper uniform, trimmed nails, well oiled hair etc.
  15. Guardians are directed to provide such mid-day meal as develop their words health.