Atul Nidhi & Shri C.K.Tirth Pustkalya

The publishing of Atul Nidhi a work of Parm Pujya Maharaj ji, has been getting published since 1991.

Following works of Param Pujya Maharaj ji are on the way to get released that is Naari (Epic), Stabak, Shreyasi, Shobhan Padavali, Udwah, Nimai, Nibhrit Nikunj, Antoar Pravah, Mere charan, GandhiJi ki Antim Jhanki and Shri Chaitany Charitamrit (Translated)

Shri C.K. Tirth library is a unique heritage of the institute. It is a treasure trove of the work of Param Pujya MaharajShri such as religion, philosophy, history, language and “Vaishnav scriptures:, literatures which improve  Knowledge and it supplies enough matters to the students and researchers of the Shiksha Mandir about thirty monthly and daily magazines and news papers concerning religion, politics, economic, society and competition, enhances the standard of the library.