Shri Shanta Sansthan and Income

Beginning from the construction of the institute to its aim, activities and impressive plans are already quite clear to you. You are the most blessed and loyal disciple of Param Pujya Maharaj Shri Share the blessings of Maharaj Shri by completing his plans with your conscientious donation. You can extend your helping hands as follows:

  • In order to preserve the memory of your elders by donating according your ability.
  • Donating for ministration of “Braj Balak”.
  • Donating for the order to express your gratitude towards society. 
  • In order to get income tax rebate under section 80G.
  • To preserve the memory of an auspicious occasion this has come out successful such as marriage cermony of your children or birthday celebration of your children or birthday celebration of your near and dear ones.
The donation may be given as individual, in partnership, as a family, as a company, as a society or as a trust. It is a national, non profit spiritual educational and cultural institute. The amount donated to 
Shri Shanta Sansthan will be free from any tax under the income Tax Act 80 G, The donation may be sent through State Bank  of India, Branch Vrindavan (Code No. 2502) by cheque, D.D. or by cash.

Social Works 

Following are the sewas being conducted with the generous help of the devotees 

  • Thakur sewa in Lord Shanta Raman Temple. 
  • Saint Sewa 
  • Prasad sewa for all coming guests. 
  • Helping poor students 
  • Gau sewa 
  • Old age persons sewa 
  • And always in the tender service of all needy and disable creature.