Shri Shanta Tirth Uchchattar Madhyamik Vidhyalaya

Cultural Agenda

Various cultural programmes are chalked out by the institution to introduce the student with the original Indian culture and to manifest the dormant talent in them. Our students display their ability to the outsiders through different mass media, such as Radio, T. V. etc. The Annual Day Celebration of the school holds a special attraction. The students display their cultural programmes through the “Bal Rangmandal” in the form of music, dance, drama, satire etc.

Games and Sports

“Health is Wealth” Concentration on this truth student are trained physically to maintain a healthy body. The institution is trained physically to maintain a healthy body. The institution is determined to build the students as strong stout and self sufficient. The students have performed skilful demon station in several competitions within and out side the institution.

Spiritual Education

India is considered as the master of the spiritual world. At a moment when the western world is running towards us for spiritual guidance and peace, and we Indians are craving for the western culture- We must impart spiritual knowledge to our progeny in order to keep the knowledge intact. Regular classes are taken on Sri Mad Bhagavad Gita, Manas and Hanuman Challisa etc., which develop the student spiritual knowledge. In times our students are accompanied by internationally famous great man author saints, judges and others who act as feeders to them.

Student Assembly 

Student Assemblies are organized by student from all the classes. Thus they are well informed of the frame work of the institution and consequently acquire the knowledge regarding the leadership in a democratic infrastructure (Frame work).

Literary Activities

The student are encouraged by the school authority in literary activities to manifest their talent. Students learn many things from Children magazines books and newspapers which are supplied to them by “Sri C. K. Tirth Pustakalaya”, on the other hand the youngsters express their thoughts and realizations through the school magazine “Prayas” and thus have a leisure to exercise their brain and heart as well. They often organize stage show to simulate the developed and mature stage presentations.


Excursion is an important part of education which enables to widen the circumference of knowledge of the students. The institution arranges excursions to historical, industrial, religious and naturally developed places.

Computer Training

The Computer holds a momentous position in this scientific age of civilization. The students are assisted doubly by the computer training.

  • The path of higher education opens to them.
  • They can make easy aces to earning source. They are trained by well qualified technicians.

Musical Training

Our country is a large store house of various arts and cultures. In order to inherit the culture the student are trained in classical music, folk dances, sitar and tabla etc. by experts.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Education is imparted to the student as a voluntary subject. Every human being must be conscious of the environment. We train our student to acquire a growing enthusiasm for the protection of the environment.

Physical Education

Physical exercise, yoga etc. are practiced by experienced trainer regularly. The students have received several medals and testimonials in various competitions.

Audio-Visual System

Lessons are taught to the student with the help of Audio and Video cassettes whenever necessary. Thus the subjects penetrate into their effectually.


The institution has a glorious hereditary succession of good administration. They are directed in a Sympathetic manner and no compulsion is induced on them. As a result, a high class mannerism is inherited by them. Moreover, well disciplined boy scouts have setup an ideal in controlling their mates at the time of need.