From the Principal’s Desk

Shri Pushpraj Sharma

Dear Students and Parents,

S hri Shanta Padma Shiksha Mandir, Motijheel, Vrindavan (Mathura) feels proud to launch its academic portal to facilitate the students teachers and parents by updating them with latest information which aim to Provide a burden free school education using new information technologies based on School Portal.

The school website is a mirror of the Activities of the Institution and the student. Through the columns of this website would like to ventilate some thoughts for the benefits of the parents. A thought is

being circulated among the parents that in education of the children only the percentage of marks counts and that the extra curricular activities have no use in the scheme of education.

I think so, they are at mistake, in fact the activities are more important than the class room teaching. The greatest education philosopher Sri Aurobindo says that -

“The chief aim of education should be to help the growing soul to draw out that in it self which is best and make it perfect for a noble use.”

In enumerating the principals of the true teaching he says that The first principal of true teaching is that nothing can he taught. The second principal is that The mind has to be consulted in its own growth. To be modern minds of present day parents the assertions of Sri Aurobindo are bewildering. But fact is that they are true to the core. In realizing the above objectives, activities in the schools are very important. It is through activities that the children grow and acquire proficiency in manifold parts of their being the education would he completed when being turns into becoming. Instead of giving top sided education for passing examination and securing high percentage of marks, the education should he all sided containing academic, aesthetic, physical, cultural, literary, creative and constructive, social, ethical, spiritual and recreational aspects. By imbuing these aspects of education the child will turn into complete man which is the goal of good education. It is hoped that by following the philosophy of education as narrated above the children will blossom like flowers in the garden.

Pushpraj Sharma