Shri Shanta Padam Shiksha Mandir

God gives us life but we have to fructify it with much effort, and that’s why we need education. The meaning of education is to lead a wholesome life. It is quite natural to keep pace with time as new horizons of communication and expression of thoughts are opening. There are some who observe it minutely they try for reformism and to carve a path towards a consciousness.

Shri Shanta Sansthan is an institution which has been established and run by such an eminent personality. This institute had thriven under the auspices of “Pratah Samarniya Param Pujya Swami Shri Chaitanya Krishnashray Tirth ji  Maharaj”, Who is an institute in himself. Shri Shanta Sansthan is an effort to flourish and blossom the glory, duty, religion, culture, and customs along with modern ism, and mundane splendours. 

Dr. Shanta Tirth is the founder, president of the institute Her ideal is to inaugurate such a life as powerful, energetic and strong character which will have great respect for its own cultural, spiritual, traditional as well as most modern scientific technological research that will utilize its entire genius for the achievement of its inner potentiality to attain the divine goal Some people are hell bent to alter the building which was constructed with one by one. It took several efforts to build the same by collecting a brick or a stone one at a time. Some people are trying to develop the system, they have a single aim to secure the future of the children of their country because perfection comes during the spreading equalization and as a result the students of today will materialize the social dream and will be the pioneer of their sphere of knowledge.

With this view Shri Shanta Sansthan, taking a step ahead, going to establish a school decorated with most modern educational equipments and newest aspects of learning. This vast campus, free from the bustles of city life is coming into being with never expression of the ancient system in the lap of the nature and is unique of its type. A social reform and conducive environment is being established in five acre land for the students universal improvement and perfection, which will serve the united and progressive India. All round development and perfection of the students who will act for the resurrecting India.

Origin and Establishment

Shri Shanta Padam Shiksha Mandir had eginning under a Magosa (Neem) tree with a few Students in the year 1987. It is an effort of Dr. Shanta Tirth for the establishment. This Shiksha Mandir fellows the Gurukul system wherein all individualistic and moreover it balances the modern educational system and further tries to apply it practically. The Shiksha Mandir received recognition upto 5th standard in 1993 and upto 8th standard 1996. The Shiksha Mandir is managing more than six hundred students to educate completely through English medium these days.

Aims of Shiksha Mandir

The Sh Mandir is established with a view to stress on the necessity of the soul rather than the fulfillment of ordinary desires and emotions along with worldly comforts. Here ministration itself is the designation and portfolio. The needs of every person will be fulfilled equally. All the students will get the knowledge of as aestheticism art music etc. equally. This will be the place where all the pure intentions of men will be utilized to overcome the tribulations cause of great trouble of life personal qualities will be more valuable than overpowering one weaknesses and ignorance Here training will not be only vocational but for expressing ones ability and possibility as well the training will the training will be for the entre community at the same time. In a must shell this Shiksha Mandir is place where human relations will be changed into fraternity instead of competition and rivalry. 


Vrindavan is the spiritual capital of India and the playground of Lord Krishna the preacher of the Gita. Herein this Sanctuary, near Motijheel the institution is situated under the supervision of Shri Shanta Tirth Ashram. The place is free from the hurly dourly of the city and is encircled by the monasteries which creates a spiritual atmosphere and uplifts the mind and spirit.


The institution owns a double storied building with modem amenities. One of the two gates of the building leads to the Atalla Chungi and the other proceeds beside the Anand Vrindavan, Motijheel. The institution is adorned with a beautiful park and garden. There are Suitable arrangements for game and Sport, library, music, dance and computer training. The students may get their necessaries from the institution. The students enjoy a heavenly atmosphere owing to the presence of Shri Shanta Ramanji temple within the Ashram campus. Generator facility is available against load shading. There are separate toilet systems for boys and girls. Germfree cold drinking water by water cooler is supplied to the student. The institution is going to extend its buildings to accommodate the growing number of students.

School Transpotation

The institution has a School van, School Auto and rickshaws for carrying the student who come from distant places. A large bus will be engaged for the purpose in near future