Shri Shanta Sansthan

We are faced with a question mark wherever we move at present. Inconsistency prevails upon the surroundings. We are disinclined towards our duties, religion, culture, education etc. We are deviated from the real path of life. Our original India culture is overshadowed by the Western culture. Every individual is approaching towards nothing. But there are some who are scrutinizing the situation excellently and have established themselves as the wisdom embodied. Dr. Shanta Tirth being one of them has instituted Shri Shanta Sansthan. This institution is being pioneered by the venerable Swami Shri Chaitanya Krishnashray Tirth ( Shri Atul Krishna Goswami Jee Maharaj).

Shri Shanta Sansthan was established in the year 1987 by Dr. Shanta Tirth, the most blessed disciple of His Holiness Parm Pujya Swami Shri Chaitanya Krishnashray Tirth ji (Pujya Goswami Shri Atul Krishna ji) Maharaj. The Sanstan is persevering its best to make a new social structure based on “Adhyatm” (Spirituality) and blessed by motivation and loving healthy protection of MaharajJi. Shri Shanta Sanstan is a not profit spiritual educational and cultural institute as well. The amount donated to Shri Shanta Sansthan will be free from any tax under the Income Tax Act 80G, it is a persevering institute basing on spirituality and changed social conditions. Some spheres of the institute are quite evident.

    1. Indian educational philosophy is a combination of all the philosophy, which tries to preach and mold its practicality. Some programs conducted to fulfill the mottos are :- 
      • Helping poor students financially to get education. 
      • Improvement of good literature and bring it to light. 
      • Social, Cultural, mythological and an all round improvement. 
      • Establishment of favorable environment in which a united society can awake.
    2. The institute has been working for a whole some livelihoods. To arrange for various health training camps is also with in the sphere of the action of the institute. 
    3. It is also under the sphere of the institute to research on the truth and specialty of Indian culture and utilizes the some in daily life. 
    4. The other activities of the institute are Book publication to arrange for educational camp and conferences rural education health tradition and the spreading spirituality. 
    5. The production and distribution of the audio preaching of His Holiness Parm Pujya Swami Shri Chaitanya Krishnashray Tirth ji (Pujya Goswami Shri Atul Krishna ji) Maharaj’s audio-Visual. To arrange many guest houses for the visitors of the institute at Vrindavan and to arrange tours for Brij darshan and many other places of pilgrimage is another work of Sansthan
    6. The conducting of Gaushala, library etc. is other programme of the institute.