Shri Shanta Tirth Ashram

There were only twelve students when the institute took its first step. Today more than hundred students of the institute are holding responsible portfolios in the various sphere of India after the computer of PHD. M.A., M.S.C. and other higher degrees. This Ashram is a place of penance and constantly trying to lead a new and flourishing life which wills ultimately is driver to materialize a higher and greater life. Lord Shanta Raman DevJi Maharaj is living and being worshiped in the Ashram campus. Shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman Ji and Shri Vishnupriya Mahaprabhu along with Shri Goverdhan Maharaj are also worshiped. The “Rasoi” of lord also arranges “Prasad” of the inhabitants of the Ashram as well The Ashram is also a place of Maharaj ji’s “Tapasya Sthali”. Staying places are also arranged for the outside devotees if necessary.